Real Estate Strategy & Planning

Relocation Analysis: As your enterprise grows, are you confident that your present location offers sufficient space, desired amenities and flexibility to respond to change? Robin Road Consulting will provide the data and analysis to help you decide whether it is better to stay put, expand where you are or relocate.

Startup Offices: Is your startup ready to establish its first office?  Robin Road Consulting will leverage its extensive client-side experience to identify the optimal location and help you negotiate the best possible occupancy deal.

Branch Office/Retail Expansion: Is your firm ready to establish a branch office or retail location either domestically or abroad? Robin Road Consulting will help you find the ideal location for your firm.

U.S.-Side International Expansion: Is your company planning to open its first office or retail site in the United States? Robin Road Consulting thoroughly understands the American commercial real estate market and project development process and can clear the path to a successful opening.

Rent Analysis: Is your occupancy agreement headed for a fair market rent reset? Robin Road Consulting will develop a comparative market analysis that will underpin your firm’s rent proposal.

Interior Fit-Out Project Management

Interior Fit-Out Project Management: Does your firm need an expert to plan, budget and execute an interior fit-out project? Robin Road Consulting provides comprehensive planning and management services for projects of all sizes and complexities.

Short-Term Supplemental Staffing: Does your company require an additional experienced short-term resource for a major fit-out, reconfiguration or relocation project? Robin Road Consulting will provide an expert who can hit the ground running and quickly become a valuable project team member.

Per Diem Project Support: Is work piling up or are project deadlines slipping due to a key vacancy in your firm’s real estate/facilities management team? Robin Road Consulting can plug the hole until a replacement hire is found and can also help you find the right replacement employee.

City Planning

Planning: Does your public require a knowledgeable and experienced short-term resource to assist in planning projects? Robin Road Consulting can provide that resource regardless of the status of the project.

Grant Writing and RFP/RFI Management: Do you need assistance writing a grant application, RFP/RFI or in evaluating responses to an RFP/RFI? Robin Road Consulting can provide the expertise.

About Robin Road Consulting

Eddie SpornRobin Road Consulting is a full service real estate strategy and planning firm. We assist private enterprises and public entities in developing real estate strategies, planning and managing fit-outs and conceptualizing and implementing planning studies and projects.

Robin Road Consulting is led by Eddie Sporn, a veteran executive with over four decades of experience in real estate strategy, project management, city planning and back office administration. Prior to forming Robin Road Consulting, Eddie was the Senior Vice President and Director of Administration for the D. E. Shaw group, a global investment and technology development firm. During his 15-years at D. E. Shaw, Eddie led real estate planning and fit-out efforts for the company’s expansion throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia, including DESCO’s $30 million new New York City headquarters and directed other administrative departments including HR, purchasing, and insurance.

Prior to his stint at D. E. Shaw, Eddie served for ten years as the Administrative Chief (senior non-legal administrator) for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, where he established an internal construction team and directed a variety of high-level administrative functions. Before that, Eddie worked in city planning and administrative jobs–in both the private and public sectors–in New York City and St. Louis, Missouri.

Eddie holds a Master’s Degree in City Planning from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design/Kennedy School of Government and a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He is an avid musician, playing guitar, banjo, dobro, and pedal steel guitar. Eddie always has a crossword puzzle somewhere on his person and smiles when he hears a train whistle.

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